• Division

Load Determination

  • Analytical Determination
  • Numerical Determination
  • Multibody Simulation
  • Validation using Vehicle Tests

When developing new vehicles or their components, it is often necessary to determine appropriate loads which can be used to evaluate the strength and stiffness of the components or, respectively, to define their dimensions. VELA Performance has developed analytical tools which allow the generation of operational loads for various maneuvers based on general vehicle parameters. These loads can be transferred to any individual part of the vehicle using multibody simulation. Our operational load determination tool has been validated with data acquired from vehicle tests and has proven itself numerous times during the development of vehicles and systems.

  • Analytical Determination of Operational Loads
  • Numerical Determination of Operational Loads
  • Loads Representing Dynamic Maneuvering and Misuse
  • Calculation of Section Loads Using Multibody Simulation
  • Validation Using Measured Data from Vehicle Testing