• Division

CAD Design

  • 3D Design
  • Collision- & Tolerance Analysis
  • Creation of Production Documents
  • Design of Plastic Components
  • Model- and Mold Design
  • Design of Composite Laminate Structure
  • CAD-based Cutting Geometry

The core of any development process is the design of individual parts. VELA Performance has many years of experience in the production-oriented design of components. In this area, our expertise includes both working with isotropic materials as well as designing plastic components.

  • 3D Design of Components and Complex Structures
  • CAD Design of Solid and Surface Models
  • Design of Kinematic Systems
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Design and Development of Fasteners
  • Collision Studies
  • Creation of Production Documents


  • Plastic Component Design and Production-Oriented Optimization
  • Model and Mold Design
  • Optimization for CNC Machining
  • Design of Composite Laminate Structures
  • CAD-Based Cutting Geometry
  • Creation of Production Documents

  • Carbon Fiber Design