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Urban Mobility of the Future – The one-seated New Energy Vehicle Concept "eOne"

  • Concept
  • Lightweight Design
  • Electric Drive

Ultralight, highly efficient and featuring an innovative energy supply.
We have developed a modular and ultralight electric vehicle platform, based on which vehicle concepts of the future can be realized. The single-seated city runabout "eOne" is such an electrically-driven lightweight vehicle of the EC L7e class. With a weight of less than 450 kg (without a driver and without batteries), an effective power of 15 kW and a maximum speed of up to 90 km/h, the eOne is an efficient and sustainable electric mobility concept.
The transportable battery case can be easily and quickly charged from a typical domestic outlet. Thus, the eOne is a flexible and environment-friendly allrounder for city traffic and helps reduce particulate matter pollution in highly populated areas.